Who am I?

I am Stiletto! I am true to myself and I own it. I am a true patriot, fighting through music, for our rights, our history, our children’s and grandchildren’s future. My hero and inspiration is my dad, a WWII Battle of the Bulge U.S. Army veteran. He taught me about life, love and respect. I was adopted at birth, so I have always had an ‘on the outside looking in’ perspective at life. I have been described as ‘TNT in the key of C’. My music brings unity, not division, law and order, not chaos. I am pro-life, pro-Trump, and God fearing. I support and back law enforcement and all first responders. I believe in our Constitution, and the right to bear arms. I am old school and live life fearlessly with passion. I have been down the dark road and back, and even revived from the dead. I want everyone to join the race…. The Human Race!! My music reflects life’s journeys, emotions, reality and truths. I am a small town Eastie girl from Massachusetts with a tough hard edge, yet still enough heart to love. Tap into the movement……The Universe is Calling.